another reason why I love my job

Ok I know I have been a very poor blogger recently and time is so precious it’s sometimes hard to fit in. So what can I do watch BGT or write about something I’m passionate about?

Well the choice has been made, let’s put some passion back into the blogosphere!

Nurses day 2014

May the 12th, as some will know, was nurses day, @WHHNHS we celebrated this with cakes and a group photo outside out Trust HQ. Associate Directors of Nursing in their “ceremonial dress” …… What do you think, stay or go?

But also what a fantastic, happy, smiling, proud and dedicated group of nurses.

Now here’s a shot that could be 50 years ago…….

Ceremonial Dress

This happy trio certainly brightened up the wards for lots of staff, patients and visitors, almost all comments positive and created quite a talking point.

So what else has spurned me to start up my blog again? Probably one of the biggest change I’ve ever seen in my time as a nurse, I’m not talking about changing services, buildings or staff I’m talking about the “social movement” that’s been ongoing for the last 18 months. Real cultural change that is leading to visible and measurable impacts for our patients with Dementia and cognitive impairment.

On Thursday our “forget me not” ward opened, bringing together all of our hard work. When previewing the ward for the first time I was moved to tears at what we have accomplished and what an amazing, fantastic environment this will be for our patients.

Now I won’t choose to write this in my own words but share the briefing that my senior teams done, it tells our story and the journey we have started, it will never end as we will continue to grow and make improvements. They describe it far better than I could do justice!

Forget me Not and Fiddle muffs Master_1.docx 

So I think I am right to say this has been an exceptional week, exceptional weeks only happen with exceptional staff.

On this week, of Florence Nightingales birthday let us always remember Flo’s words

“The very first requirement in a hospital is that it should do the sick no harm”

I think if we stick to that for basics, we won’t go far wrong!

A massive thank you to all the staff @WHHNHS you do an amazing job, day in and day out.