48 hours and counting

Well after the roller coaster week of last week I am resting up this weekend in preparation for what may well be the biggest week of my NHS career to date.

On Monday we will be launching our nursing strategy, “the 5 E’s from essential to excellent”, this is following an extensive review of our previous nursing strategy and lots of input from staff, governors and board. Based, loosely, on Maslows hierarchy of needs the strategy describes how by behaving in certain ways we can all go from essential to excellence in the care that we give.

I hope the nursing staff @WHHNHS embrace this and use it as the building blocks for the future. I believe in this and so do the 20 senior nurses that turned up, in uniform, on mass at Board this week to support my presentation and the proposal to board to adopt the strategy

Wednesday will be our first safety conference, held on the Warrington site, with internal and external speakers. We are lucky to have David Fillingham (AQUA), Gill Harris (chief nurse north) and Elaine Inglesby the inspirational director of nursing at Salford, to name but a few speaking.

The conference is the result of learning from a tragic event, several years ago, when a patient died in our care. As a result of this the entire organisation embraced change to make things better and completely review how we manage patients coming into our hospital. Great learning but also a reminder of the impact we have when things go wrong and to make sure this never happens again. Or as the senior nurses mantra goes “not on our watch – never on our watch”

In the afternoon, expertly planned by Alison Lynch, we will have “speed dating” a run through of stands with different groups of staff showcasing their involvement in patient safety initiatives, everything from work around mortality to falls prevention and so much more.

There might also be a few surprises so watch this space and watch my twitter feed @karendawber on what I hope will be more of a rocket week than a roller coaster, here’s hoping and of course starting the week with all of those “good intentions”


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Executive Director at warrington and Halton NHS FT. Proud and passionate nurse and NHS leader

3 thoughts on “48 hours and counting”

  1. Sounds fantastic …loving Maslows Hierarchy of needs thats how i trained the human needs model of nursing at South manchester School of nursing based on the same …….congratulations to you and your team rossi xxx

  2. Sounds excellent, hope everything goes well with it. I expect it will take off like a Rocket.

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