autumn a time for change

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I always feel that the month of October is a month for changes, the trees are loosing leaves, animals are preparing for hibernation, the nights are getting darker and the weather is, finally, turning colder.

In the world of a hospital new students are starting, newly qualified staff are starting and the types of patients coming through the doors change too.

At Warrington and Halton NHS FT October has seen a few significant changes, all, I hope, for the benefit of patients, staff and the local population. The nursing strategy has been launched, the 5E’s – From Essential to Excellent, we are working to change and improve the standards of care and we are seeing real, tangible results: pressure ulcers falling; falls reducing; good friends and family test performance.

Wednesday was also our first (hopefully to be annual) patient safety conference, the day was well attended by over 100 staff and we were honoured to have a range of speakers: Elaine Inglesby – Burke, DNS at Salford; David Fillingham, AQUA; Dr Jackie Bene, medical director at Bolton Royal; colleagues from Hill Dickinson law firm; internal speakers and closing remarks from Gill Harris, Chief Nurse North of England.

But this wasn’t your “bog standard” talk and chalk or death by PowerPoint, we heard some very personal and inspirational stories from a range of dedicated and engaging speakers. Over the next few weeks I will attempt to bring some of these sessions to life in my blog, hopefully I can share some of the important messages, all within the context of patient safety and service improvement.

In the afternoon we had our own version of “speed dating” lots of different stands and initiatives covering a range of subjects and topics from infection control to safe maternity care and early warning tools to mortality data. One thing in common was the joint enthusiasm, willingness and drive to make improvements across a range of disciplines for the benefit of our populations, staff and patients 


The launch of the “NEWS”

So what else have we changed this week, well our wonderful staff health and well being team gave on average 1 flu jab  every 3 minutes with over 700 staff vaccinated in the first week of the campaign, we have seen unprecedented demand for flu jabs, probably due to a well run awareness campaign by Clare Blackman and her team.

So what are my final thoughts on the end of this week and the start of a new one? Well I hope to keep the energy going from this week into the next week, but also take time to consolidate our learning so that it becomes embedded in the organisation. One key message to pass on? Never stop looking for ways of understanding the quality of your care and always be open, honest and learn from your mistakes.

Oh yes and how to insert pictures properly!!!!


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