witches, ghouls and a bit of Elvis

Well I promised myself I would write a blog a week, oh the best laid plans, but here I go again in an attempt to get going. Over the last few weeks I have learnt more than ever before that family time is precious and you can’t turn back time or even pause it.

Over the last 12 months I’ve been on a “bus mans” holiday with my partner whilst under going some tests, the test results are finally back and although not immediately life threatening we will have to change plans for the future and adapt our lifestyles. Pip has just been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.

So this made me think how often do we give diagnosis or “bad news” to others and do we really know how it feels to be in their shoes? If you asked me a year ago, I would have said absolutely now I’m not sure, but I know from now on I will try to take the right approach for that individual, one size doesn’t fit all.

So what have we done differently so far? Well everything, we’ve just got back from 4 days at haven in Wales, the weather was truly awful, the entertainment interesting and was full of kids, families dressed up in all manners of spooky costumes.

Ellie dressed as a witch and won the best dressed girl and then the following night won the “Kay T Perry” tribute act dance off. However, confidence took a severe dip when entered “Haven’s got talent” when she got severe stage fright and burst into tears whilst singing defying gravity. So on steps mum, thinking I’ll do it for both of us to cheer her up, guess what, Ellie then ignored me for 2 hours because I got through to the grand final! Back to those good intentions again 🙂

I was forgiven though later, at the final, when my number one fan screamed at the front like she was at a one direction concert, thank you Ellie.

As for pip, she’s walked, albeit with the aid of a pram or a stick at times and danced on the dance floor until she could barely move, maybe not as slick and coordinated as she once was but still a star and an inspiration.

I also met up with “lost” and new family, something I should have done 7 years ago, thank you for pursuing me back into your life and lets never loose touch again. So family is really more precious than anything else but family can sometimes cross over to our professional lives too, the trick (or treat) is to harness the experience and knowledge to do our very best.

Any way, for one night only, I’ve tweeted the link to Karen does Elvis (I couldn’t work out how to cut put it in blog) https://twitter.com/karendawber/status/396751149845729280 Enjoy!

BTW I def will not be giving up my day job lol but may do a further “gig” for children in need…….. But the price would need to be right!!!!!! 



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